About  this project.

“A video created with CIOs (Chief Information Officers) as the target audience, but creative and clever enough to strike a chord with the general public with a warm and playful tone.”

This project was done with my friends at Tendril in Toronto over the period of six weeks. The client was absolutely amazing letting us have creative freedom and do our thing.

Styleframes & Additional Sketches

Open Text Marketing Creative: Gary Smith
Open Text Video Marketing: David Brott
Open Text Videographer: Kurtis Thomas


Production Company: Tendril Design + Animation
Directors: Daniel Luna, Yaniv Fridman


Creative Directors: Chris Bahry, Alexandre Torres

Executive Producer: Kate Bate

Producer: Anne Deslauriers


Design: Yaniv Fridman
Animation: Yaniv Fridman, Leo Mateus, Daniel Luna


Music and Sound Design: CypherAudio

Yaniv Fridman
  • Yaniv Fridman 2019
  • ® All Rights Reserved
Direction, Design & Animation