Encore Rebrand


About  this project.

“The idea for M Encore focuses on the simplicity, charm, and elegance of it’s design, the type, colours, and animation. Our proposal was set to create a strong visual identity that is accessible, elegant, flexible, and easy to use.”


The following images are just a  small sample of the styleframes and extensive design exploration (most of it got discarded) for the new M Encore brand, part of the movie network channel.

Additional Styleframes & Exploration

Client: Astral Television Networks

Director: Daniel Luna


Production Company: Tendril Design + Animation Inc.
Creative Directors: Chris Bahry, Alexandre Torres

Executive Producer: Kate Bate

Producer: Anne Deslauriers


Design: Yaniv Fridman, Nicolas Girard

Animation and Compositing: Yaniv Fridman, Nicolas Girard, Daniel Luna

Yaniv Fridman
  • Yaniv Fridman 2019
  • ® All Rights Reserved
Direction, Design & Animation