HGTV Rebrand


About  this project.

“We decided to use the font “ARS Maquette” as the cornerstone of our design because it effectively embodied clarity, simplicity, and warmth: three adjectives we found perfectly suited to the new HGTV look. Once we began employing the typeface in the rebrand, we made sure to pay close attention to the content hierarchy by defining weights, sizes, and cases for each piece of information on the TV screen. This ensured that all on-air information would be as clear and pleasant to read as possible.


From a technical standpoint, the HGTV rebrand required both strong design and also heavy programming. We had not only to come up with the network’s look, but very importantly, its programming interface. That way, the editors at the network could easily input the data to on-air broadcast without complications. We did this by developing a scripted interface that works within Adobe After Effects and allows the network to output various toolkit elements in just a few clicks.”

Styleframes & Process

Client: Shaw Media
Production Company: Tendril Design + Animation Inc.
Director: Tendril


Creative Directors: Daniel Luna, Yaniv Fridman


Executive Producer: Kate Bate
Producer: Anne Deslauriers


Animation: Yaniv Fridman, Nicolas Girard

Scripting: Dan Ebberts

Music & Sound Design: John Black of CypherAudio

Yaniv Fridman
  • Yaniv Fridman 2019
  • ® All Rights Reserved
Direction, Design & Animation